Saturday, July 28, 2012

I've been getting my {wannabe} craft on!

So we moved. We're now living in a suburb of Kansas City, MO and loving it. We bought a house and it's been really fun making this house OURS. We are also expecting baby #4 so I've been doing quite a bit of crafting for said baby :) Here are a few things I've made for the little coconut. Just In Case it's a girl :) Untitled Baby's Take Home Outfit (I have plans to tea dye a white onesie and leaving it plain or with a #4 on it :) ) Untitled And matching Hudson, because really, what's cuter than a baby in a Hudson hat? Untitled A {really} crappy cell phone picture of the quilt that I sewed for Four. It's been so fun seeing my vision for the baby's room come to life. We painted its room two different shades of grey. One is called Sparrow and the other is Dark Granite. I'm in love. (OH and by we, you know I mean Barry, right?) Untitled I have plans to sew a crib skirt made from the same woodgrain fabric that the binding is made from. I'm ridiculously proud of that quilt, it's my first ever quilt, and it turned out more than just functional. It's pretty cute too, the binding? Not pleased with that. But whateves. I made two crib sheets for Four also. I used the fox print from the Aneela Hoey A Walk In The Woods line

My first one, the white one, is a little wonky. But the 2nd one turned out much better. I've LOVED having a sewing area set up, so when I do get a spare minute to sew my stuff is already out and I don't have to worry about lugging out my machine, thread, etc. It's all right there!! I have high ambition to refinish my desk, but we'll see when that happens :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perry The Platypus!

Hi! This is our version of a Perry The Platypus Valentine's Box! I loved how it turned out, and boy oh boy was my little man excited about it! He told all of his friends how he helped make Perry the Platypus. He exclaimed excitedly, "Daddy we have a new pet! It's a platypus, they don't do much."

He demanded 3 hearts on each side!

His tail

The name (thank you cricut!)

Materials we used:

Shoe Box (we used toddler size 13 shoes, and it was plenty!)
Green/teal paper. I used 12X12 scrapbook cardstock. In retrospect a regular paper, wrapping paper maybe? would have been easier/better! But this was the exact color of Perry the Platypus!)
Orange paper-this should be cardstock since it has to be stiff for his tail and beak.
white paper/cardstock for eyes cut into 2" circles (use a 2" punch if you have it, or just cut it with your cricut!)
small black hearts for pupils (since it was VDAY after all) and letters
Small amount of yarn for hair

First cover the box and lid in the green paper.

Make a U shape for the beak/tail. Ours were the same size. Draw black diagonal lines on the tail and do it the opposite direction to make the pattern.

Attach bill, tail and eyes to the box.

You're good to go!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm so in love with these pictures. My BFF Stacy, as you probably know, is an AMAZING photographer. Her little guy's 1st birthday was in March, and she planned the birthday party so we could go! It was a Where The Wild Things Are party, and OH MAN, it was AMAZING! She asked me to knit this hat for her little Jackie, and of course I said yes! And decided to knit him a Small Things Romper for him too! In the pebble grey color, it just SCREAMS Max, to me anyway!

Check out her little Jack in the outfit and hat I knit.

Stacy's Blog

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A couple things!

Owen turned 4 months yesterday! It's hard for me to believe that he's already that big! I mean he is smiley, and laughs, and drools! He's just such a delight!

Here's his 4 month shirt. Believe me, I was tempted beyond belief to do another owl. REALLY tempted. But I resisted. The end result is cute!


Appliqued frog, and appliqued "4". Love it.

Then I've been knitting away. My friend Shannon liked Owen's blessing outfit. So I asked her if she wanted me to knit one for her son's baptism. He was born 8 days after Owen!



(flash wasn't ready for this one!)

I'm SO excited to see pictures of little Graham in this special outfit!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lucky Number 100!

This is my 100th Crafty Post! That should mean something signifigant. Like a giveaway. or something. But I'm too busy! So look for a giveaway some day, in the near, not so distant, future!

Instead of anything exciting, this is Gabe's 3rd Birthday Shirt. He had a circus party. It was SO fun!

Gabe's 3rd Birthday Shirt

Monday, February 14, 2011


Someone else likes owls! Yay!

I met my friend Jill almost SIX years ago. And when I say met, I mean, online. In a forum for pregnant people. Wow. That was a long time ago. Her little girl is celebrating her FIFTH birthday in March, just like my Julian.

Her niece is also celebrating her first birthday! So fun! I asked her if she wanted some birthday girl shirts, and she did.



We had a busy weekend. My wonderful husband painted my living room, so much crafting wasn't done. BUT I did manage to squeak out a camera strap cover! I've been lusting over those found on Etsy, and after some serious research (Ok just a random google) I found a fabulous tutorial! Saved myself $30!

You can find the tutorial here.


Sorry for the not so stellar photo, this was taken with my phone.

I'm finishing up the last of the teacher valentine's tonight, so Julian can deliver them tomorrow. Pictures to come!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Long Awaited 3 Month Shirt

Ok, so I may be stretching the truth. You haven't been waiting that long! But here it is!

Owen's 3 month shirt

Owen's 3 month shirt

I pretty much LOVE how it turned out!