Monday, December 22, 2008

Kenzie's Hudson Hat!

PhotobucketThis is my cell phone picture, and you can't see the gorgeous colors very well!  I really hope she likes it!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mission: Accomplished!

So I have completed a seemingly impossible task.  I have knit my first pair of (wearable) LONGIES!!!  My goal for my Christmas break was such, and I did it!  And Gabe can not only wear them, but they look cute on him!!  He is actually, for the record, wearing them right now as I type!  I used my gorgeous Malabrigo yarn from Annie Amelia, and seriously they're cute! 



Ok, so they're a little like skinny jeans, but that's OK!  He can wear them and not look too terribly funny!  I'm working on a hat for my dad right now, it's a long funny story that I will post someday!  And then on Kenzie's Hudson hat!  I balled the first hank of scrappy yarn!  It's going to be cute, I hope! 

Friday, December 5, 2008

SO much craftin' going on!

So I've been busy! Seriously, busy, knitting. I was also sick. I ended up with 8 hats for the show, 4 away from my goal (but I was sick for 3 days, so I am sure had I not been SO sick, I could have met my goal!) and 8 Gingerbread ornaments! Oh man! I love everything that I've knit! I also knit a Hudson for my Etsy store and am knitting a custom Hudson right now! I am meeting with a local mama today or tomorrow to pick up some yarn from her, so I can knit her little girl a hat and some mittens! Eep! So excited! (She's like my first REAL, non friend customer!!!)

I might also have another custom coming up, for a friends' son in WA! We'll see!