Friday, August 28, 2009

Skunky update!

We went with version #1 :) They are super cute and are now with their new owners!

This is my current WIP (work in progress)

Angela's Longies-WIP

I love the colorway! I am making some longies, and we'll have enough yarn left over to make a hat too!

I finished these longies a while ago, but never uploaded the pictures! So here ya go.

Dani's Custom Colorway striped longies!
Dani's Longies

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skunk V. 2

So Kori and I both decided we wanted a different look for the skunk-or at least to try a different look. Here's what I came up with.

Kori's Skunk Take 2 :)

Which do you prefer? I told Kori that I would do the cartoon-y one, and if she decided she liked the other one better, I'd re stitch the original skunk! Which one is your fav?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I've had this yarn in my stash for a couple weeks, waiting for Kori's name to come up! It knit up beautifully! It's Southwest Spectrum's Morning Petals. I'm kind of in love!

Kori's Longies-Finished

(I always take/post pictures of my items before blocking!)

Kori's Longies-Finished

Kori's Longies-Finished!


I love love love duplicate stitching. I love that I'm able to add something special to an otherwise blank canvas! Thanks so much for letting me knit for you Kori!

I'm working on something special for Dani right now!

This is a custom colorway by Hippy Pippy
Dani's WIP-Custom Colorway by HippyPippy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Action Shots...sort of

So you might remember the sweet hat I made for baby Brady.

Well his aunt happens to be a fabulous photographer (and an amazing friend!)

Here he is! Darling Brady.

Baby Brady


For the record, Brady makes me want to have another baby!

What I've been up to!

I knit another Calorimetry for my BFF Barb. I realllly love how this one turned out!



Strangely, that one is also going to sunny AZ?!?! LOL

And for Kira, and anyone else that wondered how it was worn, this is how I do it

And this is what I'm working on now!

Southwest Spectrum WIP

Southwest Spectrum WIP

It's a yummy Southwest Spectrum yarn! I love the pastely colors.

I also got some GREAT new stitch markers! I'm seriously IN LOVE!
Stitch Markers

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy knitter this weekend!

Here are a few things I worked on and finished up this weekend.

This is WSK (Western Sky Knits) Peace Baby

These longies are for my BFF Barb. I love her and her little Benjamuffin so much! I also LOVE the cargo pocket!




So I have boys. I love my boys, but there's definitely a part of me that wants/needs a girl! This yarn, #1 reason why!

Ky Baby Knits "This is how much I love you" with pink (TIHMILY)



KBK This is How Much I Love You w/Pink

And another reason to have a girl
Ky Baby Knits Emily colorway

KBK Emily

KBK Emily

KBK Emily

I also made this!

It's called a Calorimetry. It's a headband of sorts! This is going to live in Sunny AZ! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Woodland in Spring

You know how when you knit, sew, or do anything you have a particular brand you just LOVE?? It's like no matter what, the finished product always looks just right when you use your product? For me, it's Mosaic Moon yarn. I LOVE it.

This is Morwena's Woodland in Spring colorway {before blocking}

Chelsea's MM Woodland in Spring Longies

Woodland in Spring

Woodland in Spring-Folded

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The many many many things I've been working on.

So, MCZ is my favorite fabric/print ever! I have a diaper in this print, and it's just so cute!

This set is darling, in my opinion! The Tie Tee is just so cute with the matching knit shorties!


This yarn? Delish! It's by Ky Baby Knits. The colorway? Edward. Yes, that's right. Twilight yarn! I'm in love. Swoon with me.

Ky Baby Knits Edward Skirty

Another cute skirty! This one by Hippy Pippy in her Carnivale colorway. I love this yarn. It's called Marr Haven, and it's heavenly to work with, and I can only imagine how heavenly it is to wear it.

Carnivale Skirty

Blog Emmy, Emmy meet my blog readers. This has been my little pet project. I've wanted to do this since I learned how to knit a skirty! This is another Hippy Pippy colorway, Vivi. It's on Marr Haven, which makes it extra-specially special!


Emmy is basically a skirty with super skinny longies underneath. I'm in love.

These are some shorties for a boy named Sterling
Sterling's Shorties

Some yummeh longies for a tall, dark and handsome little boy named Brodie
They're really long! I told you he was tall! It's Retro Baby's Ro-Sham-Bo colorway on the super yum Cestari.

Brodie's Finished Longies

Brodie's Finished Longies

Next up! Some yummy capris for my dear friend Jenn's daughter Bella. I actually made 2 sets of these capris, one for Jenn and another for Jenn's friend Colleen! Matchy matchy! You know I LOVE matching!

Both pair folded all cute!
Bella's Capris

Lollipop Capris
Bella's Lollipop Capris

The cuff
Bella's Lollipop Cuff Detail

The set
Bella's Lollipop Set

The Shirt
Bella's "Lollipop" shirt

Crocus Capris
Bella's Crocus Capris

Chrissy's yummies!
A skirty, some longies and a butterfly tee thrown in for fun!
Full Set

The shirt! {in hindsight, I would have put something solid in the middle for the body. Doh!}
Butterfly Shirt Close Up

Faith's Longies

The skirty
Faith's Skirty

Birthday Girl longies!
Birthday Girl Longies