Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perry The Platypus!

Hi! This is our version of a Perry The Platypus Valentine's Box! I loved how it turned out, and boy oh boy was my little man excited about it! He told all of his friends how he helped make Perry the Platypus. He exclaimed excitedly, "Daddy we have a new pet! It's a platypus, they don't do much."

He demanded 3 hearts on each side!

His tail

The name (thank you cricut!)

Materials we used:

Shoe Box (we used toddler size 13 shoes, and it was plenty!)
Green/teal paper. I used 12X12 scrapbook cardstock. In retrospect a regular paper, wrapping paper maybe? would have been easier/better! But this was the exact color of Perry the Platypus!)
Orange paper-this should be cardstock since it has to be stiff for his tail and beak.
white paper/cardstock for eyes cut into 2" circles (use a 2" punch if you have it, or just cut it with your cricut!)
small black hearts for pupils (since it was VDAY after all) and letters
Small amount of yarn for hair

First cover the box and lid in the green paper.

Make a U shape for the beak/tail. Ours were the same size. Draw black diagonal lines on the tail and do it the opposite direction to make the pattern.

Attach bill, tail and eyes to the box.

You're good to go!