Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Owen's Blessing Outfit &hearts

So I've always wanted a handmade blessing outfit. ALWAYS. However, not knowing who to ask to make one, or how to go about doing it, I just went to Babies R Us and bought one. This time? I can knit! Hallelujah! So I decided to knit Owen's little blessing outfit.

I'd been lusting over a certain pattern by SMSS. I decided it would be perfect for a blessing outfit, and went for it! I splurged on the yarn, and ordered much raved MadelineTosh Vintage.

I was really nervous to cast on, for some reason. Well, a new cast on technique was one of the hindrances, which actually turned out to be pretty fabulous. (Provincial cast on for those wondering)

It knit up perfectly, easily, the pattern was incredibly clearly written, and easy to follow. I couldn't be happier with the finished product!
Owen's blessing outfit

The darling little hat!
Owen's blessing hat

Button Detail
Owen's blessing outfit

Owen's blessing outfit

Definitely a win! Owen's being blessed today, so I will take some pictures of my adorable baby boy in his sweet outfit later today!


Shannon said...

love it!!! i can't wait to see a picture with owen wearing it. great job!