Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gifts Galore!

Every year. Every year I knit tons of gifts! And every year I do a dump post. Here's this year's post. Minus a bunch of gifts I forgot to take pictures of! DOH!

Little Mice for my nephews, Brandon and Carter!

My mother-in-law swears that Brandon will just adore it! I hope so!

A pinafore for my only niece Ashley! I love the bright colors and the sparkly yarn. I'm not such a fan of the splotch of black on the front, but alas. Such is life.

Ashley's SMSS Pinafore

Super cute hat, also for Ashley.

This all started out as a library bag for my oldest nephew, Bryant. Then turned into gift bags for the whole sibling set.

Not pictured.
Mobeius for my mom
Fingerless mittens for my mom

Mistaken Rib scarf for my sister, Ang.
Fingerless mittens for Ang.

Slouchy hat for my sister, Jess.
Mistkaen Rib scarf for Jess.

All presents have been mailed out to their recipients, and with only one week until Christmas, I really hope that they like them!


Jaime said...

Um, those mice are rediculously adorable. I think I need the pattern!!! I know two little girls who would love them. :)