Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cong-Fu Rocks my Socks!

So I ended up selling 3 hats that day! YES! It was amazing to be invited to join such an awesome and talented group of ladies!! Seriously thank you so much!

I'm working on a boy's Hudson hat for the next stocking, so keep posted!

I just finished some shorties for Gabe. I bought the yarn up in Washington, and finalllllllllllly finished them today! I'm still working on the icord for the tie, but you get the picture!

So they're far from perfect, but they're a vast improvement over the first longies I made for G! These are going to fit him this summer, unless a massive growth spurt happens!

I'm going to make my friend Heather some pants for her little man! They're called "Lucky Star" (Thanks Barb for the name!) They will be awesome! I ordered the yarn yesterday, so hopefully soon, like maybe tomorrow?, the yarn will be here and I can start!