Sunday, May 3, 2009

I think it's obvious...

...I am the World's Worst Blogger. I think I should get a big shiny button or something that says that.

I have been busy knitting though.

First up
Heather's WSK skirty. The colorway is Monica and I am in love. (I was totally going to put some Friends reference, but thought better of it.)

From LolaCateCreates

From LolaCateCreates

Next, some shorties for MY son. I know, right? Knitters never have time to knit for their own children. I'm sure the same is true for sewers, crochet, etc.

This is Mosaic Moon's Copper Patina colorway. It's on this fabulously spongy yarn called Marr Haven Rambouilet.
From LolaCateCreates

From LolaCateCreates

These are for a mama on (goodmama forum) Also pay no mind to the strings, they will be cut off before mailing ;)

They are Alligator Knits Woof colorway, but this yarn was handpainted vs. kettle dyed.

From 052009

From 052009

And finally. My first blanket!

Julian, my 3 year old, is in preschool. He goes two days a week, for 2 hours. He adores his teacher, Miss Sarah. Miss Sarah is having a baby girl a few days after they get out of school, and I decided I would knit her a blanket. I've had this pattern for a while now, and what a better reason to try it out, than with a deadline and for a wonderful lady!

Julian picked out the purple yarn out of 3 possible colors, pink (of course!), sage green, and purple.

From LolaCateCreates

From LolaCateCreates

The pattern for the blanket can be found here

I also finished some Cheese Toast shorties for my BFFF's little guy, Benjamin, but forgot to take photos! Sorry Barb!


Sarah said...

I know what you mean about never having time to do _____ for your own children but you do it for everyone else's. Not that long ago someone took a picture of all the embroidered dipes I had done for her, and I realized it was twice as many as we had! So, I am DETERMINED to embroider every single C/P and OBV GM we have while I'm on babymoon, and then I'm going to make some knit teeshirts and wool interlock longies too. Well, at least I can say I am... actually doing it is another matter ;)

james and natalie said...

you are so talented. i loved that cute little skirt! i'm so baby girl hungry! its scaring me!!!